Account Mirror


Electrum provides an account mirroring service to help partners with the authorisation step of inbound payments. This allows Electrum to check the validity of the beneficiary account for all incoming credit transfer requests and respond directly to the payment network. The main benefit of this is to take network traffic and processing load off your core banking system.

In addition to verifying account details, the account mirror also supports proxy resolution and enrichment for Rapid Payment Programme (RPP) transactions.

Supported Schemes

SchemeAccount Mirror Function
RTCInbound credit transfer account validation
RPPInbound credit transfer proxy resolution and enrichment, and account validation
EFTInbound credit transfer account validation

Managing the Account Mirror

To enable this service, Electrum hosts a mirror of your accountholder data. Only the data essential for account validation and proxy matching is required to be mirrored. In order to keep the account mirror up to date, you will need to inform Electrum of any changes made to your account database. The Electrum Regulated Payments API defines a set of create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations for you to do this. Refer to the API reference documentation for details of the account management operations.


The account management operations are synchronous calls to the API.

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