Response Time Limits


All HTTP requests received over the electrum Regulated Payments API need to be acknowledged within 1 second. A positive acknowledgement will take the form of a 2xx HTTP status. A valid error response is considered a negative acknowledgement.

If no acknowledgement is received within the time limit, then the request may be retried. It is therefore important to make sure that the processing of requests is idempotent. That is, if you receive a request that is identical to a previously processed message, then it should be treated as a duplicate and not affect the outcome of the request in any way.

Scheme Event Limit
All Acknowledge receipt of incoming message 1 sec

Scheme Mandated Processing Times

Certain processing time limits must be adhered to according to the respective payment schemes' service-level agreements.

Scheme Event Limit
RPP Confirm account holder name following proxy resolution 10 sec
RPP Complete payment after customer confirmation 10 sec
RTC Complete payment after initiation 60 sec
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